Communities Secretary Sajid Javid launched an eight-week review, saying he wanted to “hear from the industry” on how to streamline home-buying. Ways of locking in deals and stopping sellers accepting higher offers at the last minute will be considered.

However it will be a difficult task to tackle as Estate Agents currently have a legal obligation to pass on any offer they receive, then its left up to the client to make the ethical decision.

There have been companies around for a while now such as Gazeal, trying to tackle the problem of stress for home movers, Gazealmean chain free deals can be secured on offer eliminating the risk of Gazumping and give both parties piece of mind.

In a government survey of more than 2,000 people who have bought or sold a home recently, nearly half (46%) of sellers had concerns about a buyer changing their mind after making an offer.

The survey found a quarter (24%) of sellers said they would use a different estate agent if they had to go through the process again, while almost a third (32%) of sellers and 28% of buyers were dissatisfied with the other party’s solicitor.

Whatever the final outcome of the review I hope that millions of pounds of wasted moving fee’s will be saved and the overly stressful process of moving will be made more enjoyable. I particularly welcome this news as it perfectly co-insides with the development of GetMeMovings app that is designed to make the moving process faster and smoother. 

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