Law firms in the UK should implement new transparency rules with effect from 6th December 2018

Law firms in the UK are required to implement new transparency rules with effect from 6th December 2018, so read on to find out what they are and what it means to you without the fluff reported in the industry press.

What are new transparency rules?      

The law firms in the UK should publish the important details such as costs, experience, services and time frame from 6 December 2018. This will help potential clients to make a better choice when hiring a lawyer or legal service provider. Moreover, firms can determine the best way to display the details accordingly allowing the clients to access them with ease.

Another thing is that customers are able to make a comparison between the service providers enabling them to select services which exactly fulfill their expectations. According to Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), it is mandatory for the UK law firms to comply with new rules that can empower customers to choose services based on the choices.

The primary objective is to regulate the practices involved in conveyancing requirements enabling a buyer and seller to experience peace of mind. 

Why transparency rules?

A lot of law firms in the UK face difficulties in connecting with the customers due to improper communication which affects their business. Furthermore, some of them charge extremely high fees from clients without informing them.

The new conveyance rules will benefit the law firms as well the consumers. A law firm should publish the descriptions of services in its website which comply with the rules.

At the same time, an estimate generator should allow the clients to get results instantly without submitting an email or phone number. The CLC has even published some sample templates and displaying procedure to law firms allowing them to get more ideas as soon as possible. Law firms in the UK may face disciplinary actions when they don’t comply with new conveyancing transparency rules. 

The GetMeMoving technology not only meets the requirements set out in the new rules it allows for the client data to be captured which means more organised and efficient quote follow ups and ultimately more instructions. We are very open so get in touch to see how much we have helped other firms increase their instructions on a monthly basis. 

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