In light of the Government’s efforts to improve the home buying process in England & Wales, Gazeal are planning to announce a myriad of exciting partnerships in 2018. The first of which is a collaboration with GetMeMoving, the UK’s leading conveyancing referral technology platform.

With an emphasis on setting up and managing an in-house conveyancing system, using the latest innovation and technology, GetMeMoving strive to speed up completions by up to 38%.

The mission of GetMeMoving is to get all parties involved in the transaction to work together. By co-ordinating with solicitors, lenders, local authorities and estate agents, speed and transparency are both increased dramatically.

Jonathan Palmer, Co-Founder and Chairman of GetMeMoving, comments: ‘’Agents need to be empowered to take complete control of their clients move and understand the importance of what processes need to be in place to do so. 

By coming together we ensure the focus is on what matters most, total customer satisfaction.’’

By adding Gazeal into the mix for both property professionals and consumers, the process is improved further.

The Gazeal Xpress service usually commences when the property is first listed and weeks or months are saved from the outset due to the creation of the contract pack and searches up front.

When a purchaser makes an offer that is accepted, Gazeal instantly electronically sends the pack to the buyer’s solicitor and Gazeal Seal can then be utilised in chain free transactions to bind the buyer and seller.

Steve Dawkins, Digital Marketing & Sales Director of Gazeal, comments: “As we expand our reach across the UK, we are delighted to welcome new property professionals on a daily basis to partner with us and we are particularly excited about working closely with Wayne, Jonathan and the team at GetMeMoving.

Due to our growth we are in a position to expand our legal panel and of course offer the Gazeal services to professionals on the GetMeMoving platform.

By creating networks of agents, brokers and conveyancers across the UK, we collectively speed up the sales and conveyancing process, offer full transparency and the highest levels of service to committed vendors and purchasers.’

Wayne Gallant, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GetMeMoving, comments: “The collaboration between Gazeal and GetMeMoving dawns the start of a new era for conveyancing. GetMeMoving’s technology and customer service supported with the security and compliance of Gazeal puts us at the forefront of the land registries long-term plans to speed up conveyancing, as well as improving conversion and basket value for estate agents and mortgage brokers across the UK.

What we can achieve together is completely market changing and makes us the leading solution for conveyancing.’’

About Wayne Gallant

Wayne is the director of Get Me Moving and the company focus is to ensure our technology makes your conveyancing organised, efficient and more profitable.

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